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Even the best rust protection services using the best rust inhibiting materials require periodic touchups. For example, every time your vehicle becomes exposed to rain, water runs in your doors at the glass line, then drains out through the drainage holes. Over time this causes wear of the rust inhibiting products originally applied and the factory rust inhibiting products also. The inside bottom of the doors should be re-sprayed at least every two years to keep these rust-prone areas protected from the elements.

Preventing rust from starting in the first place is what most people want. Most rust protection sold to consumers these days is insured warranty driven. This means that the attitude is get as much money up front and give a super lifetime insured warranty, then let the insurance company pay the claim when the vehicle rusts. The vehicle is rust protected before the customer picks up the car and no hassle and further cost is usually required.

At Auto-Edge Oakville, we charge a fair price for rust protection and a fair price for the inspection and touchup. The inspection and touchup take between one to three hours and includes rinsing of accumulated road dirt in the wheel well areas. Quite often, we wash the exterior depending on how much touchup is necessary then issue a full inspection report after the work is complete. We also have an insured new car warranty program.

We know that in today's busy environment it is a hassle to come back and pay for extra service like oil changes, tire rotations and rust protection inspections. If your vehicle rusts due to lack of proper body maintenance, just think of the hassle involved scrambling to find another car to drive while your vehicle is in a body shop for three or four days.

Remember, proper maintainance is the key element for reducing rust perforation. The prevention is always better than the cure. Maintain your vehicle properly.

Use common sense.

By Joe Loiacono
30 Years Auto Rust Protection Experience

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