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"That was one of the best service and quality experiences Oakville Kia has ever seen.  Excellent product and presentation.  Thank you so much.  We will be using you for all of our tint and nose guard applications from now on. "



Window Tinting Film Toronto Ontario

Few homeowners in Toronto, Ontario think about window tinting film as an energy-saving tool. The cold winters and hot summers in Toronto can drive up heating and cooling costs in your home. Your windows may be the culprits in driving up these prices by providing insufficient protection from the outside elements.

You need to use window tinting film to keep your energy bills down while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. At Superior Window Films in Toronto, Ontario, we sell and install a wide variety of window tints to homeowners that are designed to provide even warmth throughout your home. Our team of installers can apply retrofitted film to your windows in an efficient manner.

Protect your Family with Window Tinting Film in Toronto, Ontario

The benefits of our window tinting film go beyond energy efficiency. Each of the residential films we provide offer 99.9% protection from UVA and UVB rays. This characteristic is important in home offices and living rooms where your family needs to congregate without getting a sunburn. Our window tint cuts down on furniture and carpet fading that arises with a constant barrage of sunlight.

Window tint installation by Superior Window Films entitles you to a limited lifetime warranty on our products. This protection helps you get the most value out of your investment in window tinting. You can get a free window film consultation by calling (905) 847-3333 or sending us an email. You can also get a free quote based on your unique needs by going to

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